Call us the “a Time Manager” and you’d be close to defining us.

We help you focus on more important engagements by taking care of your daily tasks and errands.

UrbanErrands is a lifestyle management & concierge service Company that offers affordable in-door and outdoor ‘errand services’ for individuals and corporate organizations across Lagos, Nigeria.

Born out of passion to bring productivity and promote play time for busy clients, UrbanErrands is on a mission to help you - fix a faulty tap in the kitchen; pick up your prescription drugs; help you pack into your new home or office; or even pick up your laundry on that very busy day.

Prior to selection, we put our potential service personnel (who we call the TaskRunners) through very stringent background and professional capacity checks and ensure that only the best persons are put on stand-by, ready to serve you with a wide variety of corporate and personal errand services.

We’re fully insured for your safety and pride ourselves with a growing list of satisfied clients who happily recommend us to their friends, colleagues and neighbours. So, whether it’s a one-time service or an exclusive partnership agreement to put our professionals at your beck-and-call, experience easy life with UrbanErrands and getting your stuffs done on time, every time.